Review Anti-slip pads from Nerd-X

Dear compatriots,

who does not know the following situation… your ships are hopelessly lost (or attacking daringly) in an enemy formation. This is the game determining round. Your hands are shaking from the excitement, and when deploying the 2 turn template you accidently nudge your ship.

This can be very annoying, both for your opponent, but also for you.

Anti-slip pads help against the unwanted moving of ships. Capable hobbyists have already helped themselves and crafted their own solutions. Those with two left hands can get their fix from a convenient third party supplier.

In this review I will go over the pads offered by Nerd-X, and test them in action. The pads used in this review were given to me for testing purposes.


The colourfull pads consist of self-sticking mousemat gum, and are cut to fit small and large bases.

The cuts are very clean, and fit the hollow space in the bases exactly. The large pads have a circular cutout in the middle, in order to fit the bulge that large bases have there.


The assembly is quick and easy by hand. The sticky side is covered with a protective foil, which is easy to remove, after which you can stick the pad into your base. Done. The anti-slip pads will protrude about one millimeter from the base.

Removing the pads proved difficult. When I tried one of the pads tore. This is therefore more of a permanent solution.

Anti-slip test

The appearance and assembly can be as good as you want, but ofcourse the important question is: do they work? Can they keep a ship in position?

For this test I used a mousepad mat from Fischkrieg and a small piece of PVC mat (note: I cut it myself).

The pads do what they promise. On the mousepad mat the large bases stay on the spot when accidently bumped. The small bases of course have a smaller surface contact, and are therefore “easier” to move. This however does not have a negative effect on their use during gameplay.

The test on the PVC mat has a similar result. Both the large and small pads do not move when nudged. The small bases have a better result here comparatively than on the mousepad mat.


Anti-slip pads are a perfect solution. Especially in a tournament the accidental nudging of ships can be very annoying. The Nerd-X anti-slip pads do exactly what they promise. The appearance is very nice, and the assembly is done in seconds.

For €7.99 you will get one large, and four small pads. In comparison to competitors this is a fair price.

The mousemat pads are produced by 3Foxes. The sale in Germany goes through Nerd-X.