How do I deploy the Tie fighter of the rebel alliance?


Source: Star Wars WIKI

The TIE/ln starfighter, Tie fighter for short, was the backbone of the Imperial space fleet. The concept was to be deployed in swarms to combat the higher class space fighters of the rebel alliance.

Throughout the Imperial controlled space these fighters could be seen as a sign of the power of the empire. They reminded the suppressed people who watched over them with an iron fist, and who controlled them.

Lacking any major life support systems, with minimal armor and completely without shields, it was only the Imperial pilot through his skill at flying who could ensure his survival. However, due to being deployed in vast numbers, these swarms gave the Tie fighter great fighting power.

Source: Star Wars WIKI


It came as no surprise that single Tie fighters would often be acquired by insurgents, the lawless, and smugglers. For example, the rebels Ezra Bridger and Zeb Orrelios also found themselves in the position to “liberate” one of these fighters, and use it to free Imperial hostages from a prisoner transport.

After this deployment the two of them hid the ship on planet Lothal, where the rebel Sabine Wren later painted it to suit her own style. She was extremely pleased with her work, and always referred to the fighter as her “Masterpiece”.            

Finally, the Tie fighter was used to free Kanan Jarrus from Imperial capture.

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The X-wing tabletop game saw the Rebel Tie fighter (Sabine’s Tie fighter) appear as part of the wave 10 expansions. It contains a specially painted Tie (Sabine’s “Masterpiece”) and four unique pilots. It is therefore not possible for a Rebel player to deploy a large swarm of nameless pilots.

Also, the expansion pack contains several upgrade cards for the rebel Tie fighter itself, as well as for the other ships of the game.

The interesting cards for the Tie are “Captured Tie” and “Sabine’s Masterpiece”, which enable a whole bunch of options for the rebel Tie.

No enemy can attack a “Captured Tie”, as long as that ship isn’t the last friendly alive, and the pilot skill is not greater than the Tie’s.

Sabine’s Masterpiece on the other hand opens up the opportunity for a rebel Tie to bring a crew member and an illicit upgrade. This makes the ship extremely versatile.

I will now show a few examples of what is possible with the new pilots and upgrades in a game of X-wing, to further increase the number of tricks squadrons of the rebel alliance can pull out of their hat to conquer their enemies.

“When defending, you may cancel crit results before hit results.”

Garazeb “Zeb“ Orrelios was a male Lasat, and part of captain Hera Syndula’s crew. Even though he was very spirited and easy to anger, he also had a strong moral compass and was very empathetic.

In the X-wing tabletop game Zeb is easy to use as a blocker. With a ‚Suicide-Zeb‘ build he will pose a serious threat to every opponent who tries to get rid of him. This can take longer than expected because of his pilot ability.

In this example Zeb parked himself in front of an imperial swarm of Tie Strikers in order to block their maneuver the next round. If they attack and destroy him, the Dead Man’s Switch will be activated and damage every ship in range 1!

Source: Star Wars WIKI

“After you perform an attack, assign the “Suppressive Fire” Condition card to the defender.”

“Suppressive fire: When attacking a ship other than “Captain Rex”, roll 1 fewer attack die. When you declare an attack targeting “Captain Rex” or when “Captain Rex” is destroyed, remove this card. At the end of the Combat phase, if “Captain Rex” did not perform an attack this phase, remove this card.

Bred as a clone warrior for the Republik, the aging Captain Rex is currently fighting for the cause of the rebels. He now uses his skills acquired over many battles against the galactic Imperium.

His ability to deny an enemy ship a valuable attack die makes him a strong contender in the current meta, where single ships stack lots of offensive modifiers in order to destroy ships quickly.

In a rebel squadron like ‚Debuffing Rebels‘, Captain Rex can do his part by disrupting enemy attacks to such a degree that they can be destroyed quickly.

  1. A) The Tie Strikers (Pilot skill 1) approach the rebels and perform the focus action.
  2. B) Captain Rex flanks the Tie Strikers, attacks number 2 and applies the Suppressive Fire
  3. C) The rest of the rebel squadron jousts the Tie Strikers. Jess Java profits through his pilot ability to reroll a die in both offense and defense. Shara Bey assigns a target lock to both Strikers through the use of the upgrade cards M9-G8 and Weapon’s Engineer.

The Tie Strikers can be forced through M9-G8 to reroll one of their (most successful) attack dice and Striker #2 has to roll one fewer die because of the Condition card from Captain Rex.

In addition, both Tie Strikers have to fire at Biggs at range 3, since they can pick him as target.

The rebels have successfully diminished and channeled the firepower of the imperium, while still being able to shoot at full strength themselves!

Source: Star Wars WIKI

“Immediately before you reveal your maneuver, you may perform a free boost or barrel roll action.”

As the demolitions expert of Hera Syndula’s rebel cell, Sabine Wren is a feared and flexible fighter.

For example, Sabine can be deployed as a Skirmisher, where she weakens the defense of the opponent through the use of the Juke upgrade, and is very hard to block due to having Cassian Andor as a crew member.



  1. A) Sabine starts her activation with an asteroid directly in front of her Tie fighter. She uses her pilot ability to make a barrel roll before her maneuver.
  2. B) Sabine executes her maneuver and places herself behind the Imperial shuttle.
  3. C) After she performs an evade action, Sabine can use her Juke in her attack on the shuttle. During later activations Sabine can use Cassian Andor to be better able to anticipate the shuttle’s maneuvers.

Source: Star Wars Wiki

“At the start of the Combat Phase, you may spend 1 focus token to choose a friendly ship at Range 1. It may perform 1 free action.”

Ahsoka Tano was the jedi-padawan of Anakin Skywalker, until she left the teachings of the Jedi and went her own way.

Ahsoka can be a sneaky bomb layer, through the use of the Captured Tie upgrade. She can be hard to hit for the opponent, while she supplies a squadron with 2 K-wings with more firepower with Sabine Wren as crew.



  1. A) One of the K-wings drops a Conner Net after his maneuver, to later reduce the maneuverability of the Tie Strikers.
  2. B) The second K-wing throws a line of Clustermines in front of their faces, which they can hardly avoid the next round.
  3. C) Ahsoka Tano activates a Proton bombs before her movement, and then performs her maneuver.
  4. D) If one of the Strikers is destroyed because of the Proton bombs, (or later from one of the K-wing attacks), her Scavenger Crane will activate, and then allow her to do the same trick at least once more!

I hope that by showing a few examples of what is possible with the new cards from the Rebel Tie, you got some interesting ideas and options on how to deploy it in a game of X-wing.

As always; comments, remarks, questions and suggestions can be posted in the comments section. We are looking forward to your replies.

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