R4-MM3R – Charakterbeschreibung

■Master is displeased again. R4-MM3R does not understand. Protocol was followed. Optimum settings calibrated. Tie performing at 97% efficiency. Not even all factory new Tie’s achieved that result. Why is master’s heart-rate elevated? Logic banks failure to compute.■

“Ah, I hear you bleeping. There you are, Rammer! What? Why are you looking at me like that? I swear they build in a puppy-eyes routine in you new R4 units. Yes yes I know, it’s not your fault. Still, you almost killed me, again. How are we going to fix that?”


R4-MM3R, gespielt von Isnigu


Spezies: R4 Astromech Droide
Geschlecht: Männliche programmierung
Alter: 4 Jahre
Größe: 1.10m
Beruf: Techniker
Aktuelle Spezialisierungen: Mechaniker, Cybertech, Droidentechniker

Körperliche Charakteristika

R4-MM3R started his career (and life) as a standard imperial r4 unit. However, straight from the assembly line he was selected for the Tie mechanic program, meaning his default appendages were replaced with more specialised versions. The standard legs with incorperated wheels were removed. In their place, a pair of telescopic legs were installed. These allow a greater reach while in drydocks, where the greater mobility of the wheeled legs is not needed. Also, a pair of functional arms were installed, to accomodate the bigger tools and equipment a full time mechanic would need to use. And lastly, the basic rotating head was replaced with a more agile blockhead, with a greater range of motion, so the optical scanners can focus better into tight spaces.

After the modifications, Rammer was painted in the classical black and grey of the imperial droids, known throughout the galaxy.

Although Rammer enjoyed his basic build, since he joined the Sterneneis crew he has gained acces to far superior electronics and parts than would be economically viable in the imperial navy. This results in him upgrading his hardware significantly whenever he has some time to tinker.

Stil, Auftreten und Beschreibung des Charakters

Ever since he gained consciousness as an unintended side effect of  upgrading his firmware, Rammer has been working hard on never being “owned” again. Although not very powerful by himself, he has big plans for the future.

One astromech droid can easily be overpowered or shut down. But what about wardroids? Or better yet, a legion? That, my fleshling friend, is real power. Power to destroy? Maybe, but why should you? It’s such a waste of good parts, both the mechanical and fleshy kind. Power to rule? Ruling costs energy, focus, drive, and most of all, time. Time that is much better spent on creating new things. Now if only our ship wouldn’t get damaged so often, imagine what he could have created already…

Above all else, Rammer just wants to be left alone with a big pile of parts and all the tools he desires. However, he understands that those parts and tools have to come from somewhere. This is where the crew of the Sterneneis comes into play. Over time they have proven themselves to be an excellent source of the oh so desirable upgrades. Sure, they might be quirky and weird, but they always look out for him, and never once tried to actually control or “own” him. He doesn’t really understand why they keep turning down his offers to share in the upgrades and enhancements he can bless them with, though. Why would anyone not want their weak fleshling parts replaced with much more superior cybernetics? Think of the efficiency gain possible! Ah well, c’est la vie. And what a glorious, conscious life it is.


Charakterbogen (PDF)
Talentübersicht (PDF)
Hintergrund: Seine Vergangeneheit (PDF)

Was denkt der Charakter über die anderen Mitglieder?

Leyli: Madam General. Or captain? Corporal? I don’t know, ranks don’t interest me. Of the entire crew, this one usually comes closest to barking orders. But it’s not the sort of orders an owner would give property. More like a squadron leader to the platoon. So it’s in the interest of efficiency, therefore I approve. Atleast, when I agree. Otherwise I disapprove strongly.

Also not unimportant, she took me away from Coruscant without asking for anything in return. A highly illogical move by itself, especially considering my imperial status versus her smuggler reputation. So I guess she cares in a way outside the bounds of checks and balances. This is an interesting notion, which must be studied in order to improve my awareness of this weird galaxy.

Lixxoz: Ah, the dark one. He reminds me a bit of the emmisary that would sometimes come by the base whenever a recruit went coocoo in the head. I absolutely adore his capacity in finding me all the good stuff and rare bits n bobs. Also, he shared some positively fantastic plans with me recently that would make him my favourite meatbag by far if it succeeds. Time will tell. Definatly on the top of the list whenever the crew requests some custom work.

Tarum: Thumpy. Big n loud. This guy, where to begin. I think he loves me. Whenever we get into a sticky situation, and there are enemies trying to kill me, he starts making such a ruckus that they usually turn over to shooting him. Explosions, flamethrower, grenade launcher, heavy gattlinglaser, the whole works. Sure, he doesn’t ever hit anything, but who cares. And if by any chance an enemy can actually still see after all the fireworks go off, I goo them in the face. I couldn’t build a better distraction droid if I tried. Whenever he requests something special, I try to make it very special indeed.

Vaze: This one I can’t really figure out. Motivations are quite unclear, and seems to have suffered catastrophic malfunction recently. Still, she makes the best murder-death machine I have seen since the IG-88 assassin droids. I will definatly use her as a blueprint if I ever get around to improving that design.

Ringo: Ah Ringo. Another one who’s motivation aren’t really clear to me. Seems very proficient in the use of the welding rod they keep waving around. I really must ask him sometime if I can borrow that to make a small copy for my toolkit. Anyhow, seems to have issues with something that happened in the past. I’m not sure, I don’t really pay attention to that sort of stuff. But he’s always ready to help me out when I ask, so who am I to judge his weird requests.